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Dr. Daniel Pacheco is a board certified Internal Medicine physician, who is also certified to provide Suboxone treatment. Prior to becoming a physician, Dr. Pacheco was a mental health and substance abuse counselor. Dr. Pacheco has worked in a variety of inpatient and outpatients settings as a physician and Chief Medical Officer. His experiences allow him to better understand and treat those with addictions. He strives to help his patients make positive changes in their lives and he focuses on treating the whole person.

For the last 6 years, Dr. Pacheco has focused on treating addictions in adult individuals. He specializes in treating addiction during pregnancy, with the goal of keeping the mother and child safe and providing for optimal child development. Where appropriate, he incorporates medication for opioid and alcohol use that are FDA-approved for use during pregnancy.  

Dr. Pacheco received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and his Master’s Degree in Counseling and Psychology. He attended medical school at the University of New Mexico. 



Ms. V. Sanchez is a credentialed psychiatric nurse practitioner, family nurse practitioner, and professional legal nurse consultant. Ms. Sanchez has worked with couples and families in various settings for the past 15 years. She is passionate about helping her patients heal personally and relationally. Ms. Sanchez’s approach focuses on inspiring hope through recognizing choices, strength, and the courage to make even small changes. Ms. Sanchez believes the process of honest self-discovery and accountability leads to empowerment, resilience, and personal success. She values a holistic approach to health care. This includes eliciting the core issues that cause symptoms so the best interventions for medication and/or therapy may be considered.

In addition to treating an array of mental and behavioral health issues, Ms. Sanchez works with patients who struggle with weight-related issues, and performs psychiatric evaluations for gastric bypass surgeries. Paraphrasing Dr. Alexander Lowen, Ms. Sanchez believes that “you don’t have a body – you are your body.” Ms. Sanchez is passionate about helping people reconnect with their bodies.   

Gina Williams


Gina Williams is a Board-Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with extensive clinical experience in behavioral health. Previously, Gina has worked in inpatient settings managing court-ordered treatment and substance use. Prior to completing her Nurse Practitioner degree, she served as a Director of Nursing at a Level One Psychiatric Hospital in Tucson. She has over 22 years of experience working in the healthcare setting, including as a registered nurse, a licensed practical nurse, and a certified nursing assistant in various healthcare settings.

Above all else, Gina emphasizes quality of care, the patient experience, and team relations. Her philosophy of care as a psychiatric nurse practitioner is rooted in a holistic and patient-centered approach.

Gina obtained a Master’s of Science in Nursing and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner degree at Walden University and is an active member of the American Nurses Association. Originally from Northeastern Pennsylvania, Gina relocated to sunny Arizona 12 years ago with her husband and two beautiful children. When not working, she enjoys spending quality time with her family and building lasting memories.

Molly Jubeck


Molly is a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) who serves ABHW patients by offering psychiatric evaluations, an integrative and conservative approach to medication management, and supportive psychotherapy. In treating her patients, Molly complements psychiatric services and pharmacology with an emphasis on lifestyle and nonpharmacologic interventions as well. Molly’s approach is trauma-informed, and she enjoys working with both adolescent and adult patients.

Molly’s comprehensive treatment philosophy focuses on exploring numerous possible contributors to disease, including psychosocial stressors, relationships, past trauma, overall health and wellness, diet, nutrient deficiencies, activity level, sleep, and more. Molly eschews a “check the box” approach to diagnosing and prescribing medications, and instead emphasizes working with patients to develop an individualized treatment plan that is tailored to each patient’s needs.

Molly’s goal is to support and empower her patients as they navigate the challenges they face. Molly strives to ensure that each patient feels seen, heard, and understood, and works to create an environment that is nonjudgmental, holistic, and collaborative.

Dwayne Barrow


Mr. Dwayne Barrow Sr is a credentialed board dual-certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and Family Nurse Practitioner. Mr. Barrow has worked in various inpatient and outpatient settings as a Registered Nurse for the past ten years before obtaining his Masters in family practice and Mental Health.

Mr. Barrow has the training, resources, and support needed to provide evidence-based and high-quality care to all patients in mental health. His immediate focus is to improve the quality of care for those experiencing problems related to opioid use and to ensure Ahwatukee Behavioral Health & Wellness provides MAT as a part of a holistic treatment plan to all qualified clients when deemed medically appropriate to promote abstinence from drugs, alcohol, and their substances of abuse.

Mr. Barrow graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor’s in Nursing, and he earned his Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) in Family Nurse Practitioner from Charles Drew University and Health Sciences, then returned to complete his Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner from National University specializing in mental health and addiction medicine.

Kevin Dalton


Kevin is a retired professor who offers therapy services to ABHW’s patients. As a professor, Kevin taught classical texts of philosophy and literature. He became a therapist for one simple reason – to help. Kevin works with ABHW patients to use skills developed for different theoretical modalities, including Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Solution-Focused Therapy, to help all of his clients become the person they want to be.

Kevin’s approach to treatment is informed by his belief that in therapy, we should learn to address problems we have been avoiding because they cause us pain or discomfort. For many, avoiding problems becomes a problem unto itself. People may experience issues with personal productivity, mood, traumatic memories, substance use, or social anxiety. These concerns can be distressing, but they are all manageable with the right skills. A great therapist, Carl Rogers, said “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself, just as I am, then I can change.” Kevin believes that therapy can help us learn skills to get this process of self-acceptance and positive change started. In addition, Kevin focuses on real solutions to real problems, including overcoming the walls that people tend to build around the feelings or memories that are too painful to touch, or frustrations with behavioral like procrastination, perfectionism, or an inability to enjoy life.

Through self-acceptance lies the path to change. Kevin strives to empower his clients to be the problem-solver of their own lives.

Mario Jimenez

Peer Support Specialist

Mario is a peer support specialist who works with patients as they navigate through their recovery journey. Mario has an extensive background working in addiction and recovery. Mario has 25 years of lived experience in substance use, 12 years of lived experience in the Department of Corrections, and 3 years of experience in Behavioral Health and Recovery. In his most recent role, Mario was Director of Operations for behavioral health sober living homes. Mario is passionate about working in mental health and addiction because he enjoys making a difference in people’s lives. Helping others work through their challenges gives him a sense of purpose in his professional and personal life.  

Mario is originally from Long Beach, California, and was raised in Mesa. He is one of five children and has one son. He loves working with his hands, and enjoys nature, architecture, and traveling. Mario values the simple things in life, which he attributes to his part experiences.


Practice Manager

Kerry has spent her entire adult life in the pursuit of what it means to be an exceptional medical professional. She discovered a passion for patient care at an early age and hasn’t stopped pursuing that passion since. She has held various positions in the medical field and worked with some of the best physicians in the valley. We could talk about all the things Kerry has done throughout her career but we’d quickly run out of space on the webpage. She is a natural leader and the go to person when patients or staff are in need. Kerry is a solutions orientated leader who’s been tasked with running various practices and ensuring her team pushes everyday to raise the bar for what it means to be a “medical professional”.

Alex Romen

Therapist LMSW

Alex rejects the outdated notion that therapy is for the weak. Rather, seeking help is a form of (and a source of) strength. Therapy is a way to obtain the skills needed to effectively function in society, regulate emotions, improve self-esteem, and cope with life’s stressors.

Alex utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) to work with clients experiencing depression, anxiety, anger, obsessions, and PTSD.  Whether it is an inability to shake the blues, difficulty controlling one’s temper, or improving one’s ability to remain calm when experiencing stressful situations or life events, Alex works with each client to learn root causes and triggers and develop the tools to improve their coping mechanisms and quality of life. Alex also has a passion for working with parents to develop the essential skills and tools that go into parenthood and raising children.

Alex’s treatment approach involves exploring the origins of thoughts (both rational and irrational), and how individuals process information and view the world. As his clients begin to better understand how their thoughts influence their behavior, Alex provides them with the tools to modify harmful thinking patterns, and to develop more positive ways of processing information.

Alex understands that, at times, pain and change are inevitable parts of life. When Clients come to Alex with these challenges, he provides them with the tools to process their emotions, manage their stress, restructure their thinking patterns, or simply explore new ways to cope with depression and anxiety.

Alex received a Master’s in Social Work from Arizona State University in 2006 and a Master’s in Public Administration from Grand Canyon University in October 2018.  He speaks English and Spanish.

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