Peer Support Services
At Ahwatukee Behavioral Health & Wellness, we offer Peer Support Services to patients struggling with substance use and behavioral health issues. These Peer Support Services are covered by AHCCCS insurance.
What are Peer Support Services?

Peer support services encompass a range of activities and interactions between people who share similar experiences of being diagnosed with mental health conditions, substance use disorders, or both. Patients receive guidance, mentorship, and community from a peer who has had lived experience of recovery from mental health conditions and/or substance use disorders. They provide non-clinical, strengths-based support to patients experiencing similar challenges.

How can Peer Support help me in my recovery?

Peer support offers a level of acceptance, understanding, and validation that may be absent from professional relationships. By sharing their own lived experience and practical guidance, peer support specialists help people to develop their own goals, create strategies for self-empowerment, and take concrete steps towards building fulfilling, self-determined lives for themselves.  Studies have shown that peer support is effective for supporting recovery from behavioral health conditions.  Benefits of peer support may include:

  • Increased self-esteem and confidence

  • Increased sense of control and ability to bring about change in your life

  • Raised empowerment scores

  • Increased sense that treatment is responsive and inclusive of needs

  • Increased sense of hope and inspiration

  • Increased empathy and acceptance

  • Increased engagement in self-care and wellness

  • Reduced hospital admission rates and longer community tenure

  • Increased social support and social functioning

  • Decreased substance use and depression

Who leads the Peer Support program at Ahwatukee Behavioral Health & Wellness?

Our Peer Support program is currently led by Mario Jimenez. Mario’s approach involves personal storytelling, empathy, practical guidance, and working together with ABHWAZ to help them on their recovery journey. As someone who has overcome challenges similar to those faced by many ABHWAZ patients, Mario acts as a source of support, encouragement, and understanding to promote healing, growth, and resilience.

Should I use Peer Support Services instead of treatment/therapy?

Peer support complements, but does not duplicate or replace, the roles of therapists, case managers, or other members of a treatment team.   

How do I sign up for Peer Support Services at Ahwatukee Behavioral Health & Wellness?

 Give us a call at 1-480-272-8450 today

I’d like to learn more about Peer Support Services available at Ahwatukee Behavioral Health & Wellness

We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Give us a call at 1-480-272-8450 today.

Are Peer Support Services covered by my insurance?

Peer Support Services are covered by AHCCCS insurance.