Due to the variety of drugs that exist today, whether legal or illegal, Ahwatukee Health and Recovery uses a 12 panel plus Buprenorphine instead of the 5 panel standard test at a 5 panel price for our drug testing to provide better, more accurate results.

For those individuals that carry a higher risk for the company, Ahwatukee Behavioral Health & Wellness provides a most sophisticated toxicology report including a test called Tox Lok. Tox Lok is an identification program, which consists of swabbing a person’s mouth for their DNA (which is a one-time procedure) and keeping that on file so that when that individual person comes in to provide a urine sample, their urine will be matched with their specific DNA on file to ensure the urine came from that person’s drug testing.

No appointment is necessary same-day results. Contact Ahwatukee Behavioral Health & Wellness Ahwatukee Healthcare today!

Why Drug Test
To help the community: By addressing the drug use epidemic.
To protect employees and customers: Employees, who are under the influence, present a clear and immediate danger to themselves, co-workers, and members of the public.

To contain health care costs: Employees who actively use drugs and alcohol are not only more likely to injure others on the job, they also incur four times the medical expenses of the average employee. Some state workers’ compensation laws deny overage if the injury resulted from the use of illicit drugs or alcohol.

To deter drug use: If employees know a company requires “being drug-free” a condition of employment, they are more likely to refrain from illegal drug use or to apply for employment elsewhere.

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