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Keeping Treatment Confidential
In a world of insurance, self-pay can seem scary. Most people believe their budget won’t allow for self-pay. That may be true for some but we believe it’s a more available option than you may expect.
What is ‘self-pay’?
Self-pay is a fixed rate determined by the clinic for a specific service. These rates are usually determined based on years of experience, additional training, and certifications as well as market research for your area. Self-pay visits are not billed through insurance.
Self-pay Rates Can Be Cheaper
If you have a high deductible plan or are filing out of network it may cost less to self-pay. The rate you pay toward your deductible is a negotiated rate set by your insurance carrier, some providers offer a slightly lower self-pay rate. For individuals who do not usually meet their deductible or do not have many medical expenses, it will ultimately save them money choosing the self-pay rate.
When a claim is filed with the insurance company your provider must submit a diagnosis for that visit. This information may become part of your medical record and be accessed by other medical providers. Some individuals prefer to keep diagnostic information confidential. By paying a self-pay rate, no diagnosis is submitted to insurance or accessible by other medical providers without a signed release.

At Ahwatukee Behavioral Health & Wellness, we know that a diagnosis is not a bad thing. A diagnosis is a cluster of symptoms, an imperfect tool, and a way for medical professionals to communicate to ensure clients receive the best care. We know it is absolutely not an individual’s identity.

More Freedom
When filing with insurance companies, you are always aware of the limits of what you can provide (and expect to get paid for). Insurance companies dictate almost everything about treatment: the location of a visit, the length of a visit, how many people are in a session, and whether they will pay depending on your diagnosis.
Self-pay affords your provider the following freedoms:
  • Location. For example, You can have phone/video sessions when necessary without concern of insurance denial. 

  • Parents, spouses, and significant others can join sessions as needed without concern for insurance denial. 

  • All diagnoses are able to keep it completely confidential and stay within your medical record.

  • The provider can utilize the type of treatment they think is best without restriction.

  • The provider can see you for as many sessions as you need. Not the number determined by insurance companies.

Best Care
When seeking a provider, everyone wants to work with a provider, who is an expert in treating the specific issues they are experiencing. The BEST choice for them. Often, these providers choose to only take self-pay clients. Insurance companies limit how specialized a provider can become.
Providers with self-pay rates are able to see whom they want, the way they want, and create a more valuable experience for the patient. These providers have spent extensive time becoming experts in their fields. They dedicate time and money to continuing their education and mastering skills essential to being the BEST choice for someone.
Ahwatukee Behavioral Health & Wellness offers alternative payment methods, private pay, and also accepts many major insurances. If you do not have insurance or have a high deductible, several Ahwatukee Behavioral Health & Wellness providers offer a self-pay option. Self-pay usually offer significant savings with a faster turnaround time. For your convenience, Ahwatukee Behavioral Health & Wellness will provide all Self-pay clients a superbill.
Contact our admissions coordinators to learn if your insurance qualifies for our services. Arizona health insurers may also be contacted directly by insured members.

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